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My business and income have grown substantially because of my work with you. Thank you!"
--Bonnie S.

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  • Testimonials


    It’s a pleasure working with you to develop business for my firm!  Your insight with business practices and the many suggestions you’ve given me over the past two years have helped me tighten up work-flow procedures.  My staff and I are much more efficient, which increases the capacity we have to take on more clients!  . . .  Your encouragement as a business coach is invaluable!

    Thank you for your time and effort towards helping me grow my business.  I look forward to continuing to work with you in the next few months and take my firm to the next level!
    C. H., CPA

    Eden’s contributions led to a company-wide transformation that increased performance and efficiency resulting in higher profits.  If you are looking for positive change and transformation leading to increased profitability within your business, consider yourself fortunate to have the competencies and proven abilities of Eden Lovejoy at your service.
    J.R., Division Manager


    The quality of team-building and organization you brought to our meetings was phenomenal.  My business and income have grown substantially because of my work with you. Thank you!
    B.S., Coach & Trainer

    “Eden is a loyal, supportive, trustworthy, reliable lady who I am grateful to have in my life, encouraging me to walk through the tough stuff and offering new ideas to make life better and easier.”
    D.W. Airline Support Service

    “Eden has consistently offered suggestions for successful conversations leading to responsible partnership and positive change.”
    K.O. Financial Services

    “Eden provides sound, simple advice that I could follow. Our relationship was professional, but the coaching she gave always seemed personal.”
    A.C. Engineering Support Services

    “Eden helped me attain goals I never thought possible. What I viewed as an overwhelming jumble of thoughts she turned into a step-by-step process of action that continues to guide me down a road of success.”
    K.L. Marketing Professional

    “No matter what is going on, Eden is always calm and calming. She stays on task; simple, powerful and to the point.”
    J.G. Educator

    “Eden has a talent for capturing my words and putting them back together in a way that motivates me when I get depleted and need to be recharged.”
    K.T. CEO Personal Care Service Company

    “Eden’s coaching and organizational skills have helped me to identify goals and determine the daily actions necessary to meet those goals. Eden’s coaching style is direct and concise, helping me to quickly identify solutions.”
    C. V. Non-profit Gift Manager

    “Eden helps me to pursue my vision for my life with a sense of purpose, integrity and intent.”
    C.T. Dental Associate

    “Eden’s team coaching was interesting, fun, potentially disastrous and ultimately great!”
    Dr. K.G., Organizational Management