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  • 3 Signs it’s Time to Delegate

    Posted March 16, 2016 by Eden Lovejoy

    When is the right time to start delegating?  When the opportunity cost of the task is greater than the challenge of delegating.  And it is a challenge for most of us.  Delegating is a skill to be mastered.  It requires some investment of time and energy to get right, which means we want to be thoughtful about deciding when is the right time to begin delegating something we’ve been doing up until now.

    Here’s three key indicators it’s time to delegate:

    • You’re so caught up in running the day to day operations of your business you don’t have any time for planning, strategy or marketing for continued growth.
    • You’re spending more time managing the “back-office” administration of your business than you are on revenue generating activity (are you trading time you could charge $100 an hour for work Overwhelmyou could pay to get done for $10 an hour?)
    • You are doing something you really hate to do, dreading every day that you have to face a task that is completely contrary to your skill-set and that drains your energy even just to think about.

    If you’ve got one or more of these things going on in your business, then you know it’s time to begin delegating some of the work on your plate to a team.  Yes, there are questions to be answered, questions like: Who do I delegate to?  How do I delegate effectively? What specifically do I delegate first?  Stay tuned.  We’ll take a look at each of these, one at a time.


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