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  • On Trust

    Posted February 17, 2016 by Eden Lovejoy

    Making mistakes is an unavoidable part of the human experience.  We all do it, though some of us would like to deny it!  For years I said my least favorite thing was to be caught being human in public.  But with maturity comes, if not wisdom, then perhaps acceptance.  I will make mistakes.  I do not get to be excused from my humanity.  At the same time, I clearly understand that building trust is a result of being consistent over time.  Then how do I build trust when I am unable to be perfectly consistent over time? I give the people around me the tools to help me be consistent, and to participate in bringing consistency into my company.

    Trust Equals Consistency Over TimeTo earn the trust of my team, I communicate my values very clearly.  I demonstrate what those values look like in action, and I delegate authority to everyone on my team to point out where something is inconsistent with those values.  I create an environment where trust in my company is not invested solely in my ability to be perfectly consistent.  To build the trust of my team I create a true team environment and together, we are better than I could be alone.  That’s better for my clients, better for my profit margin, better for my team, and better for me.

    If you think that would be better for you too, call 907-375-8777 today and schedule a free introductory consultation.  Let’s get to know each other!



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