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  • It’s Time to Get Back to Business!

    Posted September 09, 2015 by Eden Lovejoy

    Summer is now wrapped up for the year and fall is upon us.  Last minute vacations are over and it’s a great time to re-engage your employees Focus on Your Goals!on your highest priorities for the year.  Consistent reinforcement on your big picture message is one of the hardest skills for leaders to learn.  It is so human to get distracted by the challenge of the day, to shift focus to a short term goal “just for a minute” and to react to the one thing that’s going on in front of you rather than look at the big picture context of that one thing.  Setting a few times in the year to refocus as a matter of practice will reinforce the big picture message and help you to stay on course.

    So get out your strategic goals for 2015, block out some uninterrupted time to review them and ask yourself these questions:

    • Are my goals still relevant? Or do they need to be refreshed?
    • Am I at or near 75% completion for the goals that are still relevant?

    If yes, celebrate with your team, then line out action steps for the fourth quarter to stay on track.

    • If you’re not quite on track, decide if the goal should be adjusted, or map out a plan to achieve the original goal and get your team on board.

    It is proven that the act of observing a thing changes the very nature of that thing.  Take the time to intentionally observe your strategic plan and by doing so, you’ll automatically get them moving forward more effectively.


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