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My business and income have grown substantially because of my work with you. Thank you!"
--Bonnie S.

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    Your business will reach new heights and your team will work better with clear vision and shared goals!

    Winning at the Game of Business

    Posted July 06, 2016 by Eden Lovejoy

    It’s a serious game isn’t it?  Family security, personal mental and physical health, the livelihood of our employees, all rest on our winning the game of business.  And there are so many moving parts and pieces.  The economy, getting message to market, new competition, the challenge of finding the right people for the team.  Every […]

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    6 Revelations of Successful Business Owners

    Posted January 06, 2016 by Eden Lovejoy

    My philosophy for business is wrapped around the six revelations that I have seen consistently adopted by business owners who are successful and happy in the operation of their companies.  These are owners who have a dream bigger than what they can accomplish by themselves.  To fulfill that dream, each of them has built a […]

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    It’s Time to Get Back to Business!

    Posted September 09, 2015 by Eden Lovejoy

    Summer is now wrapped up for the year and fall is upon us.  Last minute vacations are over and it’s a great time to re-engage your employees on your highest priorities for the year.  Consistent reinforcement on your big picture message is one of the hardest skills for leaders to learn.  It is so human […]

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    Clear Vision, Clear Action

    Posted June 24, 2015 by Eden Lovejoy

    When you are able to see, feel and taste the future you desire, your eyes will automatically open to the opportunities that will take you to that future.  It’s more than just having a vision board, and it’s more than just whistling in the dark with a mantra repeated over and over again.  So long […]

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    Yes, You Can Have it All!

    Posted June 18, 2015 by Eden Lovejoy

    Is it possible?  Absolutely!  You can have it all, just maybe not all at the same time.  I’ve found out, for me, that the trick is to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that as the master of my own destiny, I am responsible for the results in my life, and that means I […]

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    An object in motion. . .

    Posted June 10, 2015 by Eden Lovejoy

    Will move faster with a goal! Doing stuff just to do stuff (even when we know its important stuff to get done) has a different energy around it than doing stuff to meet a goal.  And the energy shifts again when the goal is compressed, or when we’re accountable to someone else for achieving the […]

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    Paint a Pretty Picture

    Posted April 22, 2015 by Eden Lovejoy

    A vision statement is aptly named.  It is a picture of a future where you have an experience of fulfillment, success, significance, and celebration.  I once had a finance instructor ask me to “weave a verbal tapestry” in a final exam.  Tough assignment in a finance class with a finite amount of time!  But a […]

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    Get Your Team on Board!

    Posted April 15, 2015 by Eden Lovejoy

    Is your team inspired by your vision? Can they share it with someone else when they’re asked what your business is about? If not, they’re not going to be working to their highest potential to help you achieve your dreams. To work at our highest potential, we have to be emotionally engaged. Think about the […]

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    Your Vision – Right Sized for You

    Posted April 09, 2015 by Eden Lovejoy

    It’s wonderful to have a vision with far reach and tremendous impact.  It’s great to have a goal for rapid and impressive growth. It’s also wonderful to have a vision for a balanced life with a family focus and stable operations.  Isn’t it time we stop insisting that bigger is better?  I love this story […]

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    A Vision for You!

    Posted April 01, 2015 by Eden Lovejoy

    Does the idea of a vision statement scare you a little?  For years I would read about the need for a “blue-sky vision” or a “big hairy audacious goal” and wonder, how does that fit in the business model I’m currently working in?  Maybe it was the way I was translating the information, but it […]

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